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Art, literature, and culture festival have been held by 3 Senior High School for four times, this event have been held since 2014 and art,literature, and culture festivals is an annual event. The first event was named MATSWAPATI, and the recent event was named GATHAPRAYA. The name of GATHAPRAYA is taken from "anagatha" and "abipraya", which means hope of the nation for the future. This event have been done at Saturday,September, 30th 2017at Lapangan Bali, Bandung.

Before the day of the event, GATHAPRAYA had some pra-event, one of the pra event is ADHAWIKARA that have been done at Juli,28th-29th 2017 at Lapangan Bali. Every Sunday committees of the event have to publish about the event at Car Free day Dago, when we are there we publish the event by shouting the name of the event out loud and also have the ticket booth.

The main event begin when the is open, at 12 am noon and opened by opening from the head of the event and from the governor. And then continued by the …

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