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Kinanti's Plans for Next Holiday


Alexa    : " Hi Kinanti."
Kinanti  : " Oh, hi Alexa. How are you?"
Alexa    : " I'm fine, thank you. What about you?"
Kinanti  : " Great. What's up, Alexa?"
Alexa    : " I want to ask you about your plan for the next holiday."
Kinanti  : " What holiday? I don't remember that we will have a holiday."
Alexa    : " Oh Kinanti, you are so busy with your homework until u don't remember that we will have a holiday next month, for two weeks."
Kinanti  : " Oh no, i was really forget about it."
Alexa    : " So, you don't have any plan?"
Kinanti  : "Actually, i a have plans. My mom told me  two weeks ago that we will go to Tasikmalaya."
Alexa    : " Tasikmalaya? Is that your hometown?"
Kinanti  : " Yes, Tasikmalaya is my hometown."
Alexa    : " What an interesting plan. Do you have other plans?"
Kinanti  : " After go to Ta…

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